Saturday drugstore list

I did some research this morning and decided I am going to venture to my local CVS, scratch that, target, to score some new finds. 

I was inspired by a post from Byrdie about serums, and saw a product from a new line that I had never tried. 


Hylamide booster low molecularHA 

and the Sub Q anti age 

Company: deciem 

Shop: you can online- shipping is free. However It is sold at CVS too/ and lucky me, it is buy 1 get 1, 50% off. DONE  

the reviews for the booster and the antiage are great- good for combination skin and actually DOES helps PLUMP skin which is a big deal in terms of find lines, skin texture, and how makeup will look on your skin. 


In another post I saw that drugstore brands have finally capitalized on the newer makeup trends. Cushion compacts, micellar water, matte lips – oh my! This is great- especially for those not accustomed to a weekly Sephora trip or are looking for an inexpensive version of Tom ford’s legendary highlighting duo.

  •  That being said let’s take a quick minute to establish something- I never fell for the annoying effing contour craze. Not Because I’m immune to marketing ploys, Because I am , oh I AM. Rather, it’s time someone said it: have I been taking crazy pills or isn’t using liquid bronzer, or any bronzer for that matter the OG contouring concept? Like, why did we have to give it a name and further jam it down beauty lovers’ throats for the past year? Oh, wait, I know- to make money. My bad- proceed… 

The whole effing point is to darken specific areas, while highlighting others. For gods sake people- haven’t we been doing this bronzer and highlighter forever now?! 

Ok I’m done my rant 😳😂😁

Here is my list today and I included some items I own, love and recommend!! 


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