Don’t waste $ on moisture 

I am officially obsessed with checking reviews for everything I buy on beautypedia now. 

The worst is going through and reading reviews on items purchased before I discovered the site. 

Most recently I saw the not so great review of Bio Oil, which I purchased this fall when in Vegas and my skin was insanely parched from the circulated air and dry weather. I had also just gotten an IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment and had some raw skin that needed healing.

So now I have this by my bed and use it on my nails and hands and sometimes face/neck if I feel really dry but don’t feel like getting up (or disturbing my pup who is usually laying on me) 

Instead I should have remembered I had Aquaphor in my carry-on. This is a derm favorite for good reason, I could have continued using my other products and added a thin layer of this all over before makeup or I could have slathered on a think layer before bed each night. 

I do utilize this frequently now- with the dry northeast winter- around my nose, lips, or anywhere that I am a little flakey (usually Bc of an aha/bha or retinol)

I could have also hit the Sephora located outside of the Venetian for a new moisturizer: these are some of my current favorites. I look for a moisturizer that is good for combination skin that also has a good array of antiaging ingredients. 

Umbra sheer physical defense by drunk elephant 

Olay pro-x age repair 

Or Nia24 moisturizer 


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