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 Mascaras: Detailed

So I figured my first post back I would get your teeth wet with a universal topic that everyone can relate to. Naturally, I would choose MASCARA,  because even the most low-maintenance babe owns one or two or ten. But lets be serious – if you are reading this you are NOT low maintenance. I know, I know, we all like to think we are, or we CAN be if we need to be.

cropped-img_1020.jpgPersonally, I like to think I can be both. Like, I am totally low maintenance on mornings  I wake up 10 minutes before I need to leave the house. This unplanned chaotic ritual usually consists of a quick rinse, A do it all moisturizer, Verb dry shampoo, smooth ends with this secret weapon, makeup consists of concealer, cream blush (used as lip too),  ALWAYS mascara and last but not least a spritz of a stellar fragrance. Then I’m released into the wild… (YES this is low maintenance in my world)

The goal here is to give y’all some guidance in the mascara department. I’ll be the first to say I haven’t tried them all, but I have tried enough to know I will not steer you in the wrong direction. Most importantly, no one is paying me to list, praise or review their mascara, so you get pure, unaltered honesty.5855d498fc3c709c078729f3317ed197

Personally, I like to keep a collection of mascaras, and rarely use the same one 2 days in a row. As my Dad would say, I like OPTIONS. Same way  I choose my outfit every morning, there is a look I am going for-and mascara plays a part in said ‘look’. Below, I have carefully awarded my top mascaras accordingly!

*As far as the ones I haven’t tried…I read a lot of blogs and reviews, so I included a list at the very bottom of those that I want to try and those that receive praise but I have a good feeling will fall short.  I also list the mascaras I’ve tried and disliked. I emphasize buying your mascara from a retailer that accepts returns in case you’re not a fan!

According to a study from Mint, the average woman spends approximately $15,000 on beauty products during her lifetime. Of that, $3,770 goes to mascara alone (I mean, it does brighten your whole face). (Mint,2015 market reasearch study) 
Compared to all other makeup, Mascara seems to be the most used product by women, siting Mascara usage remains high no matter what age; nearly nine in ten women ages 18 to 54 use mascara. (NPD Press release, Age Matters  When it comes to Makeup, Source: Makeup In-Depth Consumer Report) 


So more than likely you are either kinda or full fledged high maintenance and have likely purchased anywhere from 10-40 mascaras in your lifetime. Hell yes, slay bitches. You haven’t given up hope that there is such a thing as the perfect mascara…no quitters here!! or it could be that you’ll never be satisfied and are searching for a miracle. Its ok, me too.

The thing is, Mascara has the ability to completely transform your face, much like brows and concealer for that matter, haha, ok, but Mascara takes you from girl next door to BABE next door with come hither doe eyes. haha. true story.5bb88f00d504cd1aeb4ab72b387c0eb8

I realized the importance of mascara when I was about 19 years old. I was at a boyfriends house for the weekend, throwing on some makeup before  a party. I come out of the bathroom  and he goes,  “damn girl – props, I felt like I was robbing the cradle 20 minutes ago, you just went from 12 to 22” Disturbing, yes, but all I did was two coats of mascara (probs some bronzer too, it was 2002) But that was it, mascara- (I used Loreal Voluminous back then) and I went from girl scout to BAE. lol. This is the same guy that told the chick at 579 that I was a thicky thick chick when trying to
figure out my size for a christmas gift. I was 100 lbs and a size 3. Great guy though. haha.

MORAL: wear mascara baby girls :)

Choosing a Mascara

It blows my mind that there are still such differing opinions when you Google best mascara. Like, who are these people that think benefit Bad Gal Lash and They’re Real are the best?? They’re fucking terrible! Oh and Maybelline in the pink tube being the holy grail- not anymore bitches! I’m sorry, but no, just NO. There are too many other amazing options now. However, we are all privy our opinions, I just can’t help but wonder…have these people TRIED good mascara?? I aim for Volume and length, are you lovely ladies going for crispy and sparse? seriously…. 🙂

I get that things that don’t work for me, others love, and vice versa. I am listing what works best for me, my personal faves, and I also take into consideration the feedback I get from those of you that I have given mascara suggestions. Again, I can’t stress enough, you might get excited and rush your pretty little fingers to or nordstrom or amazon 1 click while reading this post, just keep your receipt, don’t be scared to return if you don’t love, and always choose a retailer that has a good return policy.

Worth Considering: Primers

50442502The most significant thing to mention is the primer I started using daily about 3 months ago that has totally changed my mascara game. Brace yourselves, its… DRUGSTORE!  For real, L’Oréal® Paris Voluminous Primer 300 Primer– the alternate gold standard in drugstore mascaras released a primer that kicks ass.  I find that it just makes every mascara that much better, not to mention, I find it acts as lash protector under mascara, sort of how heat protector for tresses works. My lashes seem more naturally full, I’m not loosing them as much from normal wear and tear with mascara, not to mention they seem longer, but I don’t think it actually ‘boasts’ that as a benefit. One thing is for sure though- I definitely see a difference in my lashes.s852939-main-lhero

*Just purchased the CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base, which is a favorite among primer lovers and I will admit its lovely- but nothing notably different from the Loreal. 

There are a lot of Primers out there, and many if not most are great, but because of the price point ($5.99), the Loreal Primer just works for me. I’ve always known eyelash primers serve a purpose, the link between primers and better application and overall effect is undoubtable,  but I always forgot to use them until I saw a blog post from some Victoria’s Secret model that swore by this primer for the same reasons I do. I wear mascara everyday- it just protects them from falling out, pulling and generally conditions, without making your lashes ‘wet’ leading to skid marks on your brow bone or worse- the noon undereye shadow! Loreal’s Eyelash primer is in drugstores, ulta and amazon. It’s a white tube – easy to find. I’ll admit, I get questioned about having fake eyelashes constantly since making it a staple. Cheap too! Such a stellar find!

*In images below, I applied the Loreal Mascara Primer alone and then with mascara. Left eye Too faced Better than Sex, Right Benefit Eye Roller Lash.


My go-to retailers are sephora, nordstrom, dermstore, ulta (more recently) and amazon. Keep an eye on Amazon, who poses the biggest threat to retailers, with an online market share of 35%, and 25% of households having an Amazon Prime subscription. They just make it so damn easy. I rarely don’t find what I am looking for. However, Ulta is best for discounts and sephora’s VIB program isn’t bad. All of the above accept returns.

The official Beauty Detailed Mascara List

This would have been an easy post a year ago, but I swear, in the last year the mascara game has shifted. I mean, I’m impressed, there are more options than ever and each seems to look and feel different. It comes down to purchasing convenience, effect, lasting power, ingredients, and smell. Again- I haven’t tried them all- but I am positive I can steer you in the direction of one you will love- if you don’t already- or  even better, provide a new backup!

WINNER: The Best of the Best
Too faced Better Than Sex  $23- seriously no contest. Its the effing best.

The holy grail of mascara. Targets length,volume, curl and ability to reapply- zero clump factor! Does it live up to its name, hell no, whats better than sex? But I guarantee you feel like the most bambi-eyed lady in the room. This should be in every babes mascara collection, without a doubt..

I am embarrassed to say this…but I haven’t tried their waterproof version that they released about a year ago… Better than Sex Waterproof. Word on the street is that it doesn’t flake or melt, however I never seemed to have that problem with the original.

Despite this being MY HOLY GRAIL, I do have other favorites… Mostly because I’m never satisfied and can’t stand using the same mascara 2 days in a row. read on…

Winner: Everyday mascara
Benefit Roller Lash $24s1665082-main-lhero

Benefit’s roller lash was actually one of the TOP 5 most notable makeup launches according to the NPD (new product development market research group).

This mascara really is outstanding– it separates and lengthens while plumping and volumizing just enough so that your 9am meeting will question if  you have lash
extensions but look real enough that they know you’re not wearing your fake lashes from the night before. #savage

Double Winner!!
Winner: The NEW favorite & Best Curling Mascara
Peter Thomas Roth- Lashes To Die For™ The Mascara $22

_6066542I am always game for a recommendation- my hair stylist/color expert QUEEN (same babe that coined dusty rose and beige pearl color) told me I need to try Peter Thomas Roth’s Lashes to Die For. I was stubborn and loyal to my faves- so it took me a while before I ordered it.  Best decision ever. Will never doubt her again.

This mascara conditions WHILE it transforms lashes. The ‘thicker’ formula magnificently plumps, lengthens, CURLS and separates without clumping. If that wasn’t enough- it’s buildable! The thickness which could be described as almost ‘tacky’ but in a good way allows you to MOLD the lash. I grab my lashes from the top with the wand and spin upward, much like how you grab hair when blowing out. Convinced? Have you already purchased while reading this? There has to be a flaw right? What could go wrong…oh flaking? NOPE! The consistency is nondrying and conditioning. Thank the mascara gods- its a MIRACLE!!! haha. but for real, this shit’s good.

Winner: Tried and True, Lancôme Mascaras
Lancôme Definicils $27.50

Lancome Definicils is easily a tried and true winner in my book. The effect is subtle, well defined lashes, a little less dramatic than Benefit’s Rollerlash. The color is dark and potent, but not too overdone. This is like, Sunday brunch where you need to look fab but not Saturday night sex eyes. I envision using this mascara with almost overly concealed undereyes a shade lighter than usual, subtle eye brightener and VERY minimal liquid liner only on the top eye. Just lovely.

Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Volume Mascara $22

img_2283Lancôme Hypnose is right up there with Definicils, but creates more feathery looking lashes and is best used with a primer.  There is a great set at Nordstrom that includes their liner and makeup remover- which is another chart topper. I encourage a primer because I find Hypnose to flake quite a bit.


The Almost Favorite: MTJ High Definition Mascara $21.80

I received this mascara in a glossy box about 6 months ago and was honestly blown away. The only problem- retailers haven’t picked it up yet. I purchased my second tube on eBay about a month ago. This mascara is incredibly buildable, every swipe creates more volume with rich color. Its texture is soft and creamy and application is easy, smooth and clump free. The silicone applicator (kinda looks like anal beads-sorry 🙂 allows eyelashes to be well separated and well lifted, without leaving clumps.Bottom line- IT DOES NOT SMUDGE, it separates and defines lashes PERFECTLY!! I would have made this my NEW FAVORITE- but because of issues with purchasing, I didn’t want to torture you ladies.

The Runner Up: Doucce Boombastic Lash $24

It brings the boom. Honestly thatstheir tag line. You should buy it for that reason alone. haha. The thickening formula and fat wand work together to coat lashes evenly and you are left with boom boom lashes. Wink. It flakes a tiny bit, but I haven’t used it with primer. Something tells me that would fix the issue. This is a really really great mascara- worthy of a try.

The Good For You Mascara:
W3ll People Expressionist Mascara, $24

31foddrxswlMade of pure mineral pigments, it’s perfect for sensitive eyes without sacrificing fluffy lashes! Brush precisely separates and grabs the thinnest, shortest lashes by applying a precise amount of product with every application. Very nourishing and believe it or not, 100 Percent Natural Ingredients!! Eco babes rejoice!

The Best WAND: theBalm Cosmetics Mad Lash® Mascara $18

So, this here wand,  IS THE TITS. The curve, the tip, the thickness. The MASCARA WAND ladies, is what I’m referring to (wink). It’s even kinda bendy and the perfect size. They should make a mold of this and use it for every mascara. Bold Statement huh? The only thing better would be finding a bae with the same shaft qualities. Yup- I said it.

Tons of volume and lift, the tip is perfect for getting at even the tiniest of lashes.

The ex boyfriend: Diorshow $29

I used to LOVE Diorshow. I think its all I wore in college. Problem is the tube dries out so quick, which is annoying for a $29 mascara. Even so, its still a solid mascara. Volume and thickness are common traits. Just old news, and not worth my time, much like an ex.

The Fiber Mascara: KEVYN AUCOIN The Volume Mascara

This is one of those mascaras that creates tiny tubes around lashes. No chance reapplying, but a rich dark color and more volumizing than most waterproof mascara, which is when and why I tend to use this… beach, workout, watching the notebook.

Byrdie’s Top 5 Mascaras (courtesy of Rank&Style)

  1. Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara ($28) Lovely.
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara($32) HATE
  3. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara ($28) Hmm- worth trying
  4. Buxom Lash Mascara ($20) HATE
  5. Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara ($32) Definitely worth trying *

Elle’s top 10 Mascaras

  • Lancome Hypnose Good- but not worthy of the #1 spot
  • Maybelline Falsie Push up Angel- own it, not impressive
  • Urban Decay Perversion HATE
  • Rimmel Wonderlash Lift me up Hmm, might be worth trying
  • Loreal Telescopic Origional Hmm, might be worth trying
  • Benefit They’re Real HATE
  • Charolette Tilburry Full Fat Lashes Definitely worth trying!!!!
  • Covergirl Lashblast length HATE
  • Lancome Grandiose Always trust Lancome Mascaras

Guerlain ‘Cils d’Enfer – So Volume’ Maxi Lash Mascara $32.00

Guerlain 'Cils d'Enfer - So Volume' Maxi Lash Mascara

MILK MAKEUP Ubame Mascara $24


Have Yet to Try, heard good things…

These Mascaras that have a lot of hype, but fall short in my book.

  • Nars audacious
  • bareminerals- all
  • lorac pro
  • benefit they’re real and benefit bad gal lash
  • urban decay perversion
  • smash box full exposure
  • Tom Ford extreme
  • Tarte lights camera
  • Stila huge extreme lash

Britt’s beauty details relaunch!! 

I’m back baby! Get excited! 

Here is the plan: you all love when I give recommendations and just TELL you what to buy, haha. I don’t blame you- I love that too. Here is a breakdown of where you can find all my content! And I promise the new posts are coming!! You wil love! 


Boards dedicated to my current routine products, as well good reads, drugstore lists, products I used to use, as well as a board for products I’m looking into and ‘swooning’ to buy. Britt’s Pinterest


Many of you may already follow beauty detailed (same name)on facebook.  The Facebook page has the same content as here as well as additional recommendations – i.e. Content I ‘share’ through my Facebook connections. I am often more current with The Facebook page than this blog- only because it’s quick and easy. To like the Facebook page you can find it right here: Beauty detailed facebook page


Brittsbeautydetails on Instagram will have  posts and photos related to the blog- as well as some lady love and proof that I have a life, or pretend to 🙂 


NEW OBSESSION: this from Edward Bess

First thing’s first:Edward Bess, Thank you dearly for inventing the most perfect purse, foundation/concealer/powder all in one, magical compact. TY xoxo

Also- It needs to be said, I hate the word compact. It’s so old lady or even working girl sounding. Not stripper working girl, like 80’s hair, chewing gum receptionist, working girl sounding. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Lets get to it- the product:

Edward Bess Flawless Illusion Foundation with Brush

Edward Bess Website Description

Last Friday I purchased this Edward Bess foundation set at the QVC store, which is conveniently right around the corner from me and a total beauty goldmine among other things. I Had a ‘backstage’ tour with a friend of my mothers and was TOTALLY impressed.
Before Friday, I feel like I have been on a constant and continuous search for the perfect purse compact. Something with a sizable mirror, solid coverage, combats shine, an applicator that isn’t my fingers and travels well, oh and I wanted it to be sleek (non conspicuous). Lot to ask for I guess, considering I hadn’t found it in roughly 10 years of searching.
Honestly- I pretty much gave up and started carrying my Nars concealer, a concealer brush, hand wipes and a powder for shine. Ridiculous.
So I’m at QVC, perusing the beauty section.. tarte, It cosmetics, Mally, bare minerals, Laura Geller, this scary but kinda cool looking face steamer and…

SO, um, yea I walked by it, touched it, saw the retractable brush with lid (impressed) and then swiped it on the bacl of my hnd and thought, shit- this is nicely pigmented, and not oily or chalky, actually, it feels kinda perfect- holy crap and this color really matches me.  This is the point where I considered flagging the QVC chick and asking her to put every last one they had on this credit card immediately. Kinda kidding but not really.


So I further investigate, sanitize the tester, and put some on… Holy effingflawless face. Thats it, how much, $65 with the brush, omg, Done. Is there a limit on how many I can buy?

I don’t own anything by Edward Bess, how is this? I had heard of the line, seen it in a beauty blog here and there and on Bergdorf and Neimans beauty sections. But nothing ever made it into my stash- until now. Thanks QVC. So NOW my biggest concern is it being discontinued (thats just how i work), so please Edward Bess, don’t do it unless you make it better, which would involve it giving me perfect skin without the product, But whats the fun in that, and this stuff is actually kinda fun to put on. You swirl the brush in the compact (shit we really need another word), foundation, and buff it into your skin. I actually use it as my concealer too. Another star next to this product from me. Doubles as a concealer and eliminates shine? I’m feeling weak.



There are 5, so not a ton, but don’t fret, the shades are totally universal, seriously. I used it the day after I purchased on a friend that really doesn’t have my skin tone at all- and it was some kind of magic, because it totally worked, like, she looked good (wink, wink babe)Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.52.18 PM

Substantial, and when applied with the brush, and buffed and blended into skin, its not noticeable. Like- you can wear it to a day event. Plus, when i say it doubles as a concealer I’m serious, its buildable.  As for the under eye, I WILL use it there, but it did get a tiny bit crepey, so I’ll stick with my Nars or Cle de Peau plus I like to use a slightly lighter shade on my under eye anyway.
This is actually a good deal for foundation. $65 with a brush?  Most good foundations are $35-$45 now, and this is $49 on its own. Soo00, slightly on the higher end. But why not? The brush itself is pretty worth it- and good brushes are definitely over $40.
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.53.02 PM


I’ll sign off with this- this product IS a foundation which is nothing to be afraid of. The brush makes for super easy application, which is why i think many people shy away from foundation, fear of applying incorrectly. What I am trying to say is, this is not a bb cream or a tinted moisturizer but guess what- those are foundations too,  kind of.. ones that you apply with your hands.

If you are like me and accepting of products with good coverage, and are constantly searching for a perfect travel buddy aka purse compact foundation/concealer/miracle flawless face creator.. this one might be for you. It most definitely was a game changer for me. And if you are wondering, YES, I did buy two – one for my vanity and one for my purse.

This product truley lives up to Edward’s passion for making the world a more beautiful place, one woman at a time, and more specifically, lies at the heart of his “less is more” approach to beauty.

Next up on my list from Edward Bess: Ultra luminous bronzer 

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.21.27 PM



The best tinted moisturizers on the Internet 

Scratch that- the best ones available, period.

My choices:

The everyday:


This is my go to, coverage from 1-10 would be 4.5 but it goes on completely undetectable. It’s not Dewey, but not dry either. It’s goes on smooth- I apply with finger tips, and seems to absorb quickly. It just creates a natural look. It matches my skin perfectly- Alaska. Another huge plus, doesn’t seem to wear off and blends with my custard concealer (Also NARS) PERFECTLY. I don’t set it with a powder either. 

The skin saver:

This is a new edition to my bag, and is currently in my purse Bc I have been traveling the last couple days. On long flights- I freshen up before I deplane. This is more sheer than the nars, a little stickier than nars, and aims for more of a Dewey appearance. So more moisturizing. Coverage is a 3, and it does need time to absorb. Overall it creates a Dewey look, but actually makes overall appearance better I think- even plumper. Great product.


Best high end:


(I haven’t used the BY TERRY Product that would fall in this category but I have heard amazing things)

This creates a glorious canvas for concealer- completely sheer – but if you are using concealer who cares. It’s light, and seems to create a glow. It may break some people out- but it’s a nice change from the others.   

Best newbies:

 Jouer Matte and Luminizing moisture tint 

These two moisture tints are incredible. I found the brand through birchbox and bought the first one without even trying first Bc of the reviews. The texture is gorgeous- you can see the illuminator in the cream. Takes some blending in- just with fingers, but once it sets for a couple minutes, wow. It’s sheerish- like 4 on my scale. It’s a tad sticky – but I LIGHTLY set this. If I use powder blush it really attaches to my skin with this on. It’s not my everyday but it is definitely worthy.


The MATTE version of this reminds me of my NARS a lot, but it’s a bit dryer. It comes out almost looking like a tinted primer, but goes on very ‘clean’ feeling. I can’t wait to use this one in the summer.  

INTELLISHADE MATTE: revision skincare 

In case you haven’t heard of them- revision is a skincare company that is normally sold through physicians offices. That is where you should buy it- however there are online retailers available. It is one of those private, honorable companies creating Reputable, ethical and LEGIT skincare, with amazing ingredients.  They take pride in their products- and it’s obvious when you use them.

This product- the intellishade, is what I would consider WEARABLE SKINCARE. Coverage is 3.5, consistency is creamy and it sinks in within a minute. Good SPF, coverage, and it’s working for your skin while you wear it, while acting like makeup. This is a product that makes you feel like you are doing something good for your skin when you put it on. Like, how you feel when you go with a green drink in the morning instead of toast. I love this stuff, and it’s priced reasonably. 





You didn’t hear it from me- but dermstore is having a 25% off sale on select items, AS WE SPEAK. The code is blossom25, and Im not sure if you need to be registered for it to work- but it’s worth doing. 

Noteworthy finds

Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar: 

A bar of cleansing facial soap for all skin types. Personal fave. Removes makeup thoroughly with a good pH, therefore eliminates the need for toner. This is a combo product for me- I don’t need to oil cleanse, before my exfoliating cleanser. Thanks to DE for making things that much easier- especially if I’m drunk. 

Also, included in this special is the Virgin Marula oil– that is 25% off of $72 🙂 If you read my blog you are aware of my love for this oil! 

Another favorite of mine is also on this list: 

NeoCutis Lumiere Bio-restorative Eye Cream With PSP (0.5 fl oz.) 

I used this religiously before switching to Revision. Great eye cream- soothes while rebuilding thin skin around eye. Could be your next must have 🙂 

A rejuvenating daily eye cream that brightens and tightens.

On sale as wel: all Jan Marini!! 

In particular : Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. Age Intervention Retinol Plus. Great for normal to dry/mature skin. 

1 fl. oz. for $75

Expert Rating on beautypedia! Rebuilding skin while properly moisturizing and protecting. If in need of a day/ night cream- this is worth trying! 

Check out other DermStore specials here! 

What I purchased : 

Kevin Aucoin volume mascara! So so sooo excited to finally be trying this! This gets rave reviews, and some say even better than too faced’s better than sex- but I’ll be the judge of that. 

Also purchased a peekee bar from drunk elephant 🙂 of course! 


beauty · product reviews · Skincare

Drunk in love is what they are calling it…

“Well, it’s true, I’m totally freaking hooked and in love with drunk elephant skincare”

Trust me, I wanted to not like it, I have TONS of amazing skincare and the last thing I wanted was to fall for a new line. Obaji, Neocutis, Sunday Riley, Skinmedica, Revision, Skinceuticals, PCA, Osmosis have all crossed my path in the last year- a couple items hooked me, the CE ferulic from skinceuticals, the ceramic slip cleanser from Sunday Riley, the Obaji C therapy serum, the skinmedica AHA cream and .25% Retinol, the revision papaya cleanser and Vit C, the Revision Teamine eye complex, the PCA intensive brightening treatment and  their Pigment corrector,  and the skinceuticals retexturizing activator.  Ok so I found a lot I liked.

I will start out with the cons:

Drunk elephant skincare is all natural and fragrance free (haha, hear me out). I love things that smell lovely. Nothing smells bad (eh hem TNS serum, or PCA nutrient toner) but there is nothing noteworthy about the scent. This isn’t a REAL con, i know, but I do love products that have a scent despite the fact that fragrance can cause some irritation. I’m realizing the scent is never a true benefit to the product other than just that-so I’m getting over it.  The lack of scent in no way deters me from being obsessed with all things drunk elephant.( ps in May the ‘littles’ trial set returns ($80) perfect for travel or tricking 🙂

Drunk elephant skincare is not inexpensive. The packaging is adorable and the ingredients are natural, toxin free and legit. So its pricey. Despite this being a downfall – they only have like 9 products– one of them being an ALLURE BEST OF BEAUTY WINNER its first year in the game. Not bad.  You can seriously go all in for only a couple hundo. A definite reason to hold off on spring new arrivals and winter clearance sales for a lil bit.

That my friends is where the CONS end, everything else is superb.

 The UMBRA SHEER DEFENSE SPF 30 caught my attention as a best of beauty, but also its outstanding review on beautypedia– with a pretty reasonable price tag. ($38) I continued to find rave reviews about this and finally had to try. Here’s why this matters:

In the past, My routine consisted of vitamin c and skin serum, then I spot treated any dry patches and followed with a tinted moisturizer. The truth is- we should not rely on makeup for spf. So- I decided it was time to be a big girl and start using an SPF day cream before makeup. I also have found THE BEST foundations lately, that put cc/Bb/ and tinted moisturizers to shame. HINT: they look WAY more natural and do not fit the typical ‘foundation’ mold. ( Armani, guerlain, Cle de peau) They don’t all have SPF though- so I needed a day cream that did.

So- I purchased the UMBRA, and upon my FIRST use I was a believer. I did my normal cleanse/ toner/ serum routine, slapped on the UMBRA ( took dog for walk, made nespresso) and did makeup after- wanted it to settle in. It literally acted like a primer, it created this glowy base for my makeup, with a super smooth texture. Also important, my skin looked great hours later and unlike other SPFs, it didn’t break me out. Impressed

The next star player is the glycolic night serum. ($90) if you haven’t figured it out yet- adding glycolic to your skincare regimen is super important. It turns over skin cells while hydrating skin and allows for a ‘clean, porous slate’ for the absorption of your morning products.

This product is badass, don’t let the pink fool you… 

My backup glycolics are the Paula’s choice 2% bha ( which looks like toner) and the Dennis gross alpha beta peels. I’d rather be drunk with this glycolic above all others.

NEXT star product: SOAP

YEA, BAR SOAP. (Que your Disgust face) Except this shit is amazing – and get this, formulated at a pH of 6.34 (juju) and 6.51 (peekee) so you don’t really even need a toner. (Sound the clapping) In all seriousness- These soaps are perfect. 

The juju ( brown) in the AM to Loosen any debris/ dead skin from overnight – formulated with magical thermal mud and bamboo powder. Thoroughly cleanses  with a creamy lather without stripping.

Follow with the peekee ( like ‘sleepee’ ) in the pm ( white). Designed to ‘cleanse and calm’ skin with blueberry extract, marula oil and honey.

I really can’t say enough how impressed I am with these bars. I love the one step cleansing, my skin feels refreshed, pores are diminished and skin looks great. Perfect base for serums, oils and moisturizers 😉  purchase the travel pair to try both for $18 

There is more, the oil of all oils :

VIRGIN MARULA. Making elephants drunk since the dawn of time.
The marula oil for skin is what olaplex is for hair: unicorn semen.  ( grin) A little goes a long way- but instantly reduces redness, improves overall texture, provides true hydration for a seriously extended period of time and calms any irritation. Works as an outstanding post procedure product as well.

As of now, these are all the products I own from DE, However, I plan on incorporating the C FIRM, lippe, and eye complex ASAP. I am not normally one to buy into an entire line, but I feel really confident in DRUNK ELEPHANT, so I’m going for it.


Detailed: 1 of 3 recent Sephora purchase

Gotta love free 2 day shipping as a VIB rouge at Sephora. Been taking advantage lately 😁

I purchased my ‘winter’ shade in Nars tinted moisturizer that I  couldn’t be happier with. The coverage, consistency, shades, everything is perfect for a quick daily routine. This is my desert island tinted moisturizer. 

baressentials Bareskin concealer: drum roll…. I LOVE IT!! This is a very big deal – like HUGE! I am a concealer connoisseur – and this is OFFICIALLY my top 1 of 2 concealers. As most of you know from my other posts- Nars radiant cream concealer is my go to- and I am still loyal! But this is so different. Serum concealers are less dry- and work beautifully when ‘patted’ into skin, no smearing.  You also need very little to achieve the coverage you want- but this does need to be set with a light powder to last, for me at least.

NARS goulue limited edition blush. Very pretty, warm and highly pigmented. A little goes a long way. Full disclosure,I might not keep this- still undecided. Now that my mind is imagining being without it- I want to go try it again- haha, typical. Nars blushes are gorgeous, but I’m feeling so strong about my MAC melba lately and the Charolette tilbury beach stick in moon beach that I’m just not overly thrilled about it. See pics below. 




Brett Freedman, Brett brow duo shade in medium brown: did nothing for me, at all. Not precise,  colors seemed exactly the same, no difference. I am all for a natural brow- but this seemed to disappear- also it either didn’t show up at all or was too dark and chalky depending on pressure. Hard pass. This actually made me commit more to my Kevin Aucoin brow pencil, and even my drugstore buy-loreal brow definer. Even considering going back to brow wiz from Anastasia Bc for the $ it’s great.  


The Murad concealer was pointless to me.if I am worried about a blemish I treat it with skincare. 

Too cool for school cc  concealer  

 this was really different, I wanted to like this product SO bad. excellent packaging, cute and quirky. Unfortunately – the ‘cc cream’ inside the tube was more like a sheer tinted moisturizer in an whitish/ pearl color with a hint of highlighter. No coverage, almost could be considered a highlighting primer, just stickier. I’ll stick with my Burberry fresh glow luminous fluid base in nude radiance. 

 The actual product under the cap was one of the greatest things I have EVER Used…..and I returned it yesterday. I know, it hurts and yes I miss it, unfortunately I couldn’t fathom spending $39 for a large eraser size of a concealing highlighter only to never use what’s inside the tube. I’m hoping the company realizes how great it is and creates a full size of what was underneath that cap. I used it under my eye, and then everywhere I put highlighter. It was quick easy and awesome.  Shit- now I want it again. Thankfully I have Becca shimmering skin perfector and many cream concealers. This will have to do. 

This foundation is immaculate. It’s so good that I find myself treating it like that thing you never wear or only Wear once a month, or season or year Bc it’s that special. Now I feel like a nut for saying that. Tomorrow is Monday- I’ll wear it. Haha. I chose #5 by using since they have a ton of shades. Buy it for a special I assign and enjoy. 

BECCA the one perfecting brush. 

Everyone talks about this like its the holy grail of brushes, but honestly, I’m good. Found no use for it, and it’s $49. I am way more precise with my application, and use a dense soft brush for blending and a fluffy one for all over powder. 

SO- that’s it for now. I returned some of these items and got some new items that I can’t WAIT to share with you all! Happy Vday!