Britt’s beauty details relaunch!! 

I’m back baby! Get excited! 

Here is the plan: you all love when I give recommendations and just TELL you what to buy, haha. I don’t blame you- I love that too. Here is a breakdown of where you can find all my content! And I promise the new posts are coming!! You wil love! 


Boards dedicated to my current routine products, as well good reads, drugstore lists, products I used to use, as well as a board for products I’m looking into and ‘swooning’ to buy. Britt’s Pinterest


Many of you may already follow beauty detailed (same name)on facebook.  The Facebook page has the same content as here as well as additional recommendations – i.e. Content I ‘share’ through my Facebook connections. I am often more current with The Facebook page than this blog- only because it’s quick and easy. To like the Facebook page you can find it right here: Beauty detailed facebook page


Brittsbeautydetails on Instagram will have  posts and photos related to the blog- as well as some lady love and proof that I have a life, or pretend to 🙂 

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