NEW OBSESSION: this from Edward Bess

First thing’s first:Edward Bess, Thank you dearly for inventing the most perfect purse, foundation/concealer/powder all in one, magical compact. TY xoxo

Also- It needs to be said, I hate the word compact. It’s so old lady or even working girl sounding. Not stripper working girl, like 80’s hair, chewing gum receptionist, working girl sounding. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Lets get to it- the product:

Edward Bess Flawless Illusion Foundation with Brush

Edward Bess Website Description

Last Friday I purchased this Edward Bess foundation set at the QVC store, which is conveniently right around the corner from me and a total beauty goldmine among other things. I Had a ‘backstage’ tour with a friend of my mothers and was TOTALLY impressed.
Before Friday, I feel like I have been on a constant and continuous search for the perfect purse compact. Something with a sizable mirror, solid coverage, combats shine, an applicator that isn’t my fingers and travels well, oh and I wanted it to be sleek (non conspicuous). Lot to ask for I guess, considering I hadn’t found it in roughly 10 years of searching.
Honestly- I pretty much gave up and started carrying my Nars concealer, a concealer brush, hand wipes and a powder for shine. Ridiculous.
So I’m at QVC, perusing the beauty section.. tarte, It cosmetics, Mally, bare minerals, Laura Geller, this scary but kinda cool looking face steamer and…

SO, um, yea I walked by it, touched it, saw the retractable brush with lid (impressed) and then swiped it on the bacl of my hnd and thought, shit- this is nicely pigmented, and not oily or chalky, actually, it feels kinda perfect- holy crap and this color really matches me.  This is the point where I considered flagging the QVC chick and asking her to put every last one they had on this credit card immediately. Kinda kidding but not really.


So I further investigate, sanitize the tester, and put some on… Holy effingflawless face. Thats it, how much, $65 with the brush, omg, Done. Is there a limit on how many I can buy?

I don’t own anything by Edward Bess, how is this? I had heard of the line, seen it in a beauty blog here and there and on Bergdorf and Neimans beauty sections. But nothing ever made it into my stash- until now. Thanks QVC. So NOW my biggest concern is it being discontinued (thats just how i work), so please Edward Bess, don’t do it unless you make it better, which would involve it giving me perfect skin without the product, But whats the fun in that, and this stuff is actually kinda fun to put on. You swirl the brush in the compact (shit we really need another word), foundation, and buff it into your skin. I actually use it as my concealer too. Another star next to this product from me. Doubles as a concealer and eliminates shine? I’m feeling weak.



There are 5, so not a ton, but don’t fret, the shades are totally universal, seriously. I used it the day after I purchased on a friend that really doesn’t have my skin tone at all- and it was some kind of magic, because it totally worked, like, she looked good (wink, wink babe)Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.52.18 PM

Substantial, and when applied with the brush, and buffed and blended into skin, its not noticeable. Like- you can wear it to a day event. Plus, when i say it doubles as a concealer I’m serious, its buildable.  As for the under eye, I WILL use it there, but it did get a tiny bit crepey, so I’ll stick with my Nars or Cle de Peau plus I like to use a slightly lighter shade on my under eye anyway.
This is actually a good deal for foundation. $65 with a brush?  Most good foundations are $35-$45 now, and this is $49 on its own. Soo00, slightly on the higher end. But why not? The brush itself is pretty worth it- and good brushes are definitely over $40.
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.53.02 PM


I’ll sign off with this- this product IS a foundation which is nothing to be afraid of. The brush makes for super easy application, which is why i think many people shy away from foundation, fear of applying incorrectly. What I am trying to say is, this is not a bb cream or a tinted moisturizer but guess what- those are foundations too,  kind of.. ones that you apply with your hands.

If you are like me and accepting of products with good coverage, and are constantly searching for a perfect travel buddy aka purse compact foundation/concealer/miracle flawless face creator.. this one might be for you. It most definitely was a game changer for me. And if you are wondering, YES, I did buy two – one for my vanity and one for my purse.

This product truley lives up to Edward’s passion for making the world a more beautiful place, one woman at a time, and more specifically, lies at the heart of his “less is more” approach to beauty.

Next up on my list from Edward Bess: Ultra luminous bronzer 

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.21.27 PM


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