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 Mascaras: Detailed

So I figured my first post back I would get your teeth wet with a universal topic that everyone can relate to. Naturally, I would choose MASCARA,  because even the most low-maintenance babe owns one or two or ten. But lets be serious – if you are reading this you are NOT low maintenance. I know, I know, we all…… Continue reading  Mascaras: Detailed

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Sephora purchases, past 3 months (online only) 

Most of my purchases are from Sephora, however i frequent birchbox (outstanding company/ CS/ app/ promos). Nordstrom is my other go to for product shopping, however, bloomies carries some brands that nordys doesn’t. Lastly- Amazon prime tends to have everything available with the 2 day shipping bonus 🙌🏼        

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Beautydetailed’s Purpose

Hello hello! I am a 31 yr old Philadelphia Suburb native, willing to share my extensive experience on skincare, makeup, hair and aesthetics to anyone who wants to hear. I will review products, share photos, include offers and deals, where I shop and my experience with aesthetic/cosmetic procedures. As you may be wondering, my knowledge…… Continue reading Beautydetailed’s Purpose