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Response to Alina’s makeup bag essentials 

Ok, realizing how non ‘techy’ I am (otherwise thought I was pretty technology self sufficient) since I really am having trouble with this blog/wordpress thing. I may end up just resorting to a Facebook group/page – but not without giving it a couple more tries.
I read this post on cupcakes and cashmere yesterday about their editors makeup bag.. you know, the little bag that every female has in their purse for spot checks throughout the day/night/travel etc. Making sure you dont have mascara skid marks on your brow bone, or that your makeup hasn’t formed a home in your laugh lines or between your brows. I was really in agreement on most things, and admittedly added a couple items to my nordstrom/amazon/sephora online shopping cart and even left a comment with some suggestions of my own.

Here is the original Post, from cupcakes and cashmere. I don’t know if that is legal or not, Im a newbie to this, so if it is, hopefully they go easy on me.

My response/comment:

Fantastic post! You inspired me to clean out my essential purse makeup to include JUST the essentials. I use baby lips (blue tube) instead of aquaphor (avoid using my fingers) and it really is incredible. It cures any dryness and creates this dewey natural effect on my lips that attracts comments like- what are you wearing on your lips? Sounds crazy since it has no color- but it’s true, My lips look amazing when i wear it regularly.
That being said- you encouraged me to order my ‘winter skin’ shade from nars since my current one only matches my summer/ sunless tanned skin. (James reed sleep tan mask) and order the bare minerals concealer as well! (alaska in Nars, and medium in BM concealer) I do love the UD naked concealer, but the coverage may be a little less than the sounds of this one. Bobbi brown also has a serum concealer that is nice, but it sat on top of my skin so that ended up going back. *as you will come to realize my all time favorite concealer is Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard.
I am also going with the shu emura eyelash curler after all these years of slumming it with drugstore and tweezerman eyelash curlers. Haha.
Believe it or not- I have the Sephora mirror- in my vanity drawer, not being used! Just put it in its proper place in my purse makeup bag. SCORE!
I couldn’t be MORE in agreement about the Too Faced better than sex mascara-I got it for every female I know for Christmas this year- even though the name makes me mumble when I am asked what mascara I use. I use Latisse somewhat regularly and when I wear this mascara – I without a doubt get comments on my lashes. Like you, I was a Diorshow addict- and used fresh supernova before that. Nothing compares to this mascara.
I am going to give your neutrogena stick a try, and the maybeline eyeliner! My go to eyeliner is actually Kevin Aucoin and Urban Decay Matte Black, and for liquid, Kat Von D tattoo eye linerhas a fantastic precision tip that never runs dry, and cargo Texas liner has a fat tip that makes cat eyes a little less painful to perfect. Eyeko’s fat tip liquid liner and am completely impressed , especially since it was a full size in my birch box. Next post will include my NEW ventures in eyeliner.
My fave lip shade lately is a Anita (antique rose) from NARS that mimics the color of lips just better- however, i discovered Rimmel #8 lasting finish lipstick about a year ago and have never turned back. Beautiful consistency, and recommended by kate moss as her everyday shade, and now me as well 🙂
Fantastic post- thanks again!

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