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A/S/L? haha, no no.
Born in 1984, in suburban Philadelphia, (shout out to West Grove, West Chester and Kennett Square). WCU graduate in nutrition sciences, went into medical sales for ophthalmology and optometry because I couldn’t fathom telling people what to eat when I often have cake for breakfast.
As much as I found success in the eye care industry, I have always (since age 11) been obsessed with all things aesthetics. My early education came from beauty and fashion magazines and developed to beauty blogs and further, physician targeted education through websites and medical journals.

The best education came from my role as the ultimate consumer, which includes much trial and error, and the ability to purchase items, and know when to return them when they don’t work.

My career led me to a position as an Associate Publisher for a communications company that’s audience was medical professionals, specifically eye surgeons, ophthalmologists and optometrists. I had the opportunity to contribute to the first ever BEAUTY ISSUE for both the MD and OD publications, and wrote an article on what an eye doctor needs to know about skincare and the consumer. I realized while writing the article, that my interest in aesthetics was more than just a hobby, and it was time to make a career change. I quit my publishers job in eye care and here I am 🙂

This blog will be a personal outlet for sharing what I know and have learned over the years, all while searching for a position in the aesthetics industry that suits my abilities best! I am thrilled and I hope all who come across this blog enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing. Feel free to reach out for more personalized Q&A!

Myself in the middle, Brittany, with friends Stephanie on left and Andi on right. Keepin it country in Dallas, Tx

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