Better than expected..

So I placed an order at dermstore Bc it was 20% off your entire order- which is kinda huge.     I finally ordered my shade in Kevin Aucoin’s sensual skin enhancer – #4 in case you were wondering. This product is kind of a unicorn of its time. It’s crazy pigmented- which is great right?…… Continue reading Better than expected..

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Primpin ain’t easy 

Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment. And in this case, PRIMPIN IS EASY.  Hydrafacial, DETAILED: Hydrafacial is a quick, painless treatment that basically resets your skin.  The machine does it all, and in a reasonable enough time that you can do it during a lunch break, while still managing to have a…… Continue reading Primpin ain’t easy 


Current skin : detailed

Basically I did my own version of a chemical peel the last couple days- not really on purpose. I got samples of PCA skincare kits:  a normal skin, oil, dry, chemical peel, and post procedure at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery that I attended a couple weeks ago.  Mind you what my skin care…… Continue reading Current skin : detailed


My favorites from birchbox

Birchbox favorites list This means I have tried them or own them. If you don’t subscribe to birchbox, do it. The company has grown so much in the last 5 years- all for the better. They have great promos, fast shipping, and read-worthy posts. Oh and the box is a no brainer, $10/month and you…… Continue reading My favorites from birchbox

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Sephora purchases, past 3 months (online only) 

Most of my purchases are from Sephora, however i frequent birchbox (outstanding company/ CS/ app/ promos). Nordstrom is my other go to for product shopping, however, bloomies carries some brands that nordys doesn’t. Lastly- Amazon prime tends to have everything available with the 2 day shipping bonus 🙌🏼