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Primpin ain’t easy 

Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment. And in this case, PRIMPIN IS EASY. 

Hydrafacial, DETAILED:

Hydrafacial is a quick, painless treatment that basically resets your skin.  The machine does it all, and in a reasonable enough time that you can do it during a lunch break, while still managing to have a relaxing experience aka you keep your shirt on, shoes off. 

The best part- no ‘facial face’, seriously! I’ll even put money on you not caring to touch up before heading back to work. The results are so glowing and obvious, Even myself- who doesn’t dare go to the dry cleaner without concealer and blush-walked around with #nofilter, just me and my fresh faced hydrafacial mug the entire day, and I was damn proud of it. 

Over the past couple years Hydrafacial has been winning tons on accolades, and gaining the ever coveted celebrity approval and attention. 

  I came across hydrafacial over a year ago when I started reading about it in magazines. I am skeptical by nature and didn’t pay much attention. I get a facial every 2-3 months, usually when traveling for work- I love checking out spas in different cities. My favorite was Bella Sante in Boston, the st. Regis in aspen has an outstanding spa(naturally) but my recent visit to the diplomat in Florida is easily one of my best experiences. 

  The thing with facials is, they’re only as good as the Esthetician performing it. So no matter how much a spa charges, it’s always a gamble. That is what first attracted me to hydrafacial- the consistency.   Next was the customization. Instead of having to anxiously choose at the last minute if you want the ‘ultimate hydrating facial’ (with fear of breaking out) or the ‘purifying facial’ ( even more fear of walking out with unsightly extraction sites and dry skin), the hydrafacial can spot treat targeted concerns with the flip of a switch and stroke of the wand (hand piece) 

Hydrafacial is the device, as seen below, owned by a company called edge systems. 

Not every spa has one, it’s something they fork over the loot for and invest in. Make sure the spa you go to has ALL the available options and solutions. They might try to upcharge you, which is kinda bullshit. If there are enough spas with a hydrafacial around you- go to one that doesn’t upcharge. 

For me, there were only 2 nearby (within 20 minutes of west Chester pa- which is CRAZY) 

I chose to visit Eden Medical spa in King of Prussia (right by the mall) for a couple reasons:

  1. They offer specials for hydrafacial in quantities ($125 if you mention me or the blog!) normally $195-$275/treatment 
  2. Flexible, they had an opening and got me in next day (friggin love that)
  3. Erin the owner is hands on- but not pushy. During my facial she assessed my skin and did treatments specific to areas of concern. I didn’t have to ask her- she just did it.
  4. Honest: she told me I use too many products ( ha- obviously ) but was a sweetheart. She actually said to hold off on Botox (what??? But it’s been 8 months!) and if anything (at this point I was really pulling suggestions out of her) she would elongate my lips with a tiny bit more juvaderm (filler). As of now my juvaderm is more concentrated in the center of my lips- she suggested adding more toward the corners. No pressure- just in a, if you really wanted it and it Bothers you- we could… Kinda way.
  5. Comfortable: I felt completely at ease within the first 10 minutes. Enough so that I dropped-trou shortly into my visit to discuss ultrashape treatment areas. 

Needless to say this was an amazing experience. Erin and I discussed doing a night of beauty for all my local friends- think facials, Botox/filler and ultrasound fat removal in replacement of braiding hair and truth or dare. Actually- truth or dare would be amazing at this party. “I dare you to get your lips done, I dare you to melt off your ‘side-ass’. 😂😂😂

So a major shout out to Erin for bringing me in today- and being kind enough to offer specials to friends of mine that want to come in for a hydrafacial. 

Another bonus of going to Eden, you can make a pit stop (er, all day event) at the mall. Two birds/ one stone, right? For locals, it’s on Allendale- across from urban outfitters and Cheesecake Factory. 

Eden Medical Spa website 

call (484) 380-5772
Mention beautydetailed and get a hydrafacial for $125, normally $220! 

*eden med spa offers ultrashape- I get my first treatment next Monday- 3 treatments for best results! Next on the list is hair removal – super impressed with the newer generation laser they are utilizing! 

And  In case you are wondering how I will afford all this- they offer memberships to the spa. Think an all access pass to an amusement park, the kind that gets you to the front of the line, lets you sit up front, and lets you ride 2,3 or as many times as you want. With time left for cheese fries and cotton candy. Hm, I might be doing more than 3 treatments of ultrashape, 😵🙌🏼😁.  


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2 thoughts on “Primpin ain’t easy 

  1. Do you still use Eden Medical spa?? If so, would you recommend? Also, does the ultra shape really work, have you gotten good results? Love your blog btw.. And you are absolutely lovely! Can’t wait to read what else you’ve got to say. Good luck finding your dream job too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tina! I don’t use eden anymore :/ I think with the right person- ultrashape could work. Just a specific need- I never used it- but I’ve researched results extensively! And THANK YOU! I need to be more consistent with posts- I use the fb a little more regularly! And I recently just got a new gig that I’m pumped about- not in aesthetics, but I won’t be quiting this anytime soon!


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