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Drunk in love is what they are calling it…

“Well, it’s true, I’m totally freaking hooked and in love with drunk elephant skincare”

Trust me, I wanted to not like it, I have TONS of amazing skincare and the last thing I wanted was to fall for a new line. Obaji, Neocutis, Sunday Riley, Skinmedica, Revision, Skinceuticals, PCA, Osmosis have all crossed my path in the last year- a couple items hooked me, the CE ferulic from skinceuticals, the ceramic slip cleanser from Sunday Riley, the Obaji C therapy serum, the skinmedica AHA cream and .25% Retinol, the revision papaya cleanser and Vit C, the Revision Teamine eye complex, the PCA intensive brightening treatment and  their Pigment corrector,  and the skinceuticals retexturizing activator.  Ok so I found a lot I liked.

I will start out with the cons:

Drunk elephant skincare is all natural and fragrance free (haha, hear me out). I love things that smell lovely. Nothing smells bad (eh hem TNS serum, or PCA nutrient toner) but there is nothing noteworthy about the scent. This isn’t a REAL con, i know, but I do love products that have a scent despite the fact that fragrance can cause some irritation. I’m realizing the scent is never a true benefit to the product other than just that-so I’m getting over it.  The lack of scent in no way deters me from being obsessed with all things drunk elephant.( ps in May the ‘littles’ trial set returns ($80) perfect for travel or tricking 🙂

Drunk elephant skincare is not inexpensive. The packaging is adorable and the ingredients are natural, toxin free and legit. So its pricey. Despite this being a downfall – they only have like 9 products– one of them being an ALLURE BEST OF BEAUTY WINNER its first year in the game. Not bad.  You can seriously go all in for only a couple hundo. A definite reason to hold off on spring new arrivals and winter clearance sales for a lil bit.

That my friends is where the CONS end, everything else is superb.

 The UMBRA SHEER DEFENSE SPF 30 caught my attention as a best of beauty, but also its outstanding review on beautypedia– with a pretty reasonable price tag. ($38) I continued to find rave reviews about this and finally had to try. Here’s why this matters:

In the past, My routine consisted of vitamin c and skin serum, then I spot treated any dry patches and followed with a tinted moisturizer. The truth is- we should not rely on makeup for spf. So- I decided it was time to be a big girl and start using an SPF day cream before makeup. I also have found THE BEST foundations lately, that put cc/Bb/ and tinted moisturizers to shame. HINT: they look WAY more natural and do not fit the typical ‘foundation’ mold. ( Armani, guerlain, Cle de peau) They don’t all have SPF though- so I needed a day cream that did.

So- I purchased the UMBRA, and upon my FIRST use I was a believer. I did my normal cleanse/ toner/ serum routine, slapped on the UMBRA ( took dog for walk, made nespresso) and did makeup after- wanted it to settle in. It literally acted like a primer, it created this glowy base for my makeup, with a super smooth texture. Also important, my skin looked great hours later and unlike other SPFs, it didn’t break me out. Impressed

The next star player is the glycolic night serum. ($90) if you haven’t figured it out yet- adding glycolic to your skincare regimen is super important. It turns over skin cells while hydrating skin and allows for a ‘clean, porous slate’ for the absorption of your morning products.

This product is badass, don’t let the pink fool you… 

My backup glycolics are the Paula’s choice 2% bha ( which looks like toner) and the Dennis gross alpha beta peels. I’d rather be drunk with this glycolic above all others.

NEXT star product: SOAP

YEA, BAR SOAP. (Que your Disgust face) Except this shit is amazing – and get this, formulated at a pH of 6.34 (juju) and 6.51 (peekee) so you don’t really even need a toner. (Sound the clapping) In all seriousness- These soaps are perfect. 

The juju ( brown) in the AM to Loosen any debris/ dead skin from overnight – formulated with magical thermal mud and bamboo powder. Thoroughly cleanses  with a creamy lather without stripping.

Follow with the peekee ( like ‘sleepee’ ) in the pm ( white). Designed to ‘cleanse and calm’ skin with blueberry extract, marula oil and honey.

I really can’t say enough how impressed I am with these bars. I love the one step cleansing, my skin feels refreshed, pores are diminished and skin looks great. Perfect base for serums, oils and moisturizers 😉  purchase the travel pair to try both for $18 

There is more, the oil of all oils :

VIRGIN MARULA. Making elephants drunk since the dawn of time.
The marula oil for skin is what olaplex is for hair: unicorn semen.  ( grin) A little goes a long way- but instantly reduces redness, improves overall texture, provides true hydration for a seriously extended period of time and calms any irritation. Works as an outstanding post procedure product as well.

As of now, these are all the products I own from DE, However, I plan on incorporating the C FIRM, lippe, and eye complex ASAP. I am not normally one to buy into an entire line, but I feel really confident in DRUNK ELEPHANT, so I’m going for it.

5 thoughts on “Drunk in love is what they are calling it…

  1. Love this blog and love that you’ve tried a lot of the medical grade products that I have tried. So I’m hoping to get your opinion on some of them if that’s okay 🙂

    I see that you mentioned the TNS serum and was hoping to get your opinion on the product and what results, if any, you got from it. Also, between the C E Ferulic from SkinCeuticals and the C Firma from DE, which one do you prefer and what results, if any, did you get from either of them?

    Thank you!

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    1. Oh I hit reply too soon- I definitely prefer the CE ferulic over C FIRMA, but I’m not sure I would invest in CE ferulic again when I’m aware that there is a dupe on Amazon. And a third of the price. You seem well aware that a vitamin C serum in the morning is essential. I know I posted about the thorough like tube on my Facebook page beauty detailed. Just make sure when applying vitamin C in the morning that you don’t have any type of moisturizer with retinol on top 🙂


  2. Hi! Drunk elephant is NOT all natural. It’s nontoxic, which means they use safe synthetics (like Ferulic, Glycolic, Hyaluronic) and safe naturals. The reason the products don’t have a fragrant scenery is because there is no parfum or essential oils (essential oils do nothing but add scent and actually inhibit the ingredients’ jobs).

    Glad you love the line. It’s the very best!!

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    1. Emily! Thank you so much for correcting my mistake! I winced when I noticed I called it all natural, such an overused term, much like ‘safe for all skin types’! Appreciate the clarification- I have since purchased the rest of the line and am blown away! Loving it!


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