Detailed: 1 of 3 recent Sephora purchase

Gotta love free 2 day shipping as a VIB rouge at Sephora. Been taking advantage lately 😁

I purchased my ‘winter’ shade in Nars tinted moisturizer that I  couldn’t be happier with. The coverage, consistency, shades, everything is perfect for a quick daily routine. This is my desert island tinted moisturizer. 

baressentials Bareskin concealer: drum roll…. I LOVE IT!! This is a very big deal – like HUGE! I am a concealer connoisseur – and this is OFFICIALLY my top 1 of 2 concealers. As most of you know from my other posts- Nars radiant cream concealer is my go to- and I am still loyal! But this is so different. Serum concealers are less dry- and work beautifully when ‘patted’ into skin, no smearing.  You also need very little to achieve the coverage you want- but this does need to be set with a light powder to last, for me at least.

NARS goulue limited edition blush. Very pretty, warm and highly pigmented. A little goes a long way. Full disclosure,I might not keep this- still undecided. Now that my mind is imagining being without it- I want to go try it again- haha, typical. Nars blushes are gorgeous, but I’m feeling so strong about my MAC melba lately and the Charolette tilbury beach stick in moon beach that I’m just not overly thrilled about it. See pics below. 




Brett Freedman, Brett brow duo shade in medium brown: did nothing for me, at all. Not precise,  colors seemed exactly the same, no difference. I am all for a natural brow- but this seemed to disappear- also it either didn’t show up at all or was too dark and chalky depending on pressure. Hard pass. This actually made me commit more to my Kevin Aucoin brow pencil, and even my drugstore buy-loreal brow definer. Even considering going back to brow wiz from Anastasia Bc for the $ it’s great.  


The Murad concealer was pointless to me.if I am worried about a blemish I treat it with skincare. 

Too cool for school cc  concealer  

 this was really different, I wanted to like this product SO bad. excellent packaging, cute and quirky. Unfortunately – the ‘cc cream’ inside the tube was more like a sheer tinted moisturizer in an whitish/ pearl color with a hint of highlighter. No coverage, almost could be considered a highlighting primer, just stickier. I’ll stick with my Burberry fresh glow luminous fluid base in nude radiance. 

 The actual product under the cap was one of the greatest things I have EVER Used…..and I returned it yesterday. I know, it hurts and yes I miss it, unfortunately I couldn’t fathom spending $39 for a large eraser size of a concealing highlighter only to never use what’s inside the tube. I’m hoping the company realizes how great it is and creates a full size of what was underneath that cap. I used it under my eye, and then everywhere I put highlighter. It was quick easy and awesome.  Shit- now I want it again. Thankfully I have Becca shimmering skin perfector and many cream concealers. This will have to do. 

This foundation is immaculate. It’s so good that I find myself treating it like that thing you never wear or only Wear once a month, or season or year Bc it’s that special. Now I feel like a nut for saying that. Tomorrow is Monday- I’ll wear it. Haha. I chose #5 by using since they have a ton of shades. Buy it for a special I assign and enjoy. 

BECCA the one perfecting brush. 

Everyone talks about this like its the holy grail of brushes, but honestly, I’m good. Found no use for it, and it’s $49. I am way more precise with my application, and use a dense soft brush for blending and a fluffy one for all over powder. 

SO- that’s it for now. I returned some of these items and got some new items that I can’t WAIT to share with you all! Happy Vday!  

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